Santa Monica is full of activities to do all year long like the Santa Monica Pier, the beach, and the Ferris wheel. Stay in a beautiful hotel like casa del mar where you can relax in the spa while overlooking the beach.

Things to Do in Santa Monica All Year Long

Whether you live here or are just visiting, you can always find something exciting going on. Cultural events, prestigious shows, vacation events… It’s almost impossible to get bored when you’re in Santa Monica! Everyone loves to party. And there is nothing like the atmosphere of California events. You’ll find festivals, fairs, competitions and championships that…

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You want to be comfortable when going to acupuncture that's why it's important to wear loose clothing such as sweats or leggings.

What should I wear to acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It’s a combination of several other disciplines. They relieve pain in the body as well as mental health issues or nervousness. TCM includes: Pharmacopeia Dietetics Acupuncture Moxibustion Tuina massage Herbs Cupping Breath Energy exercises Taichi Qigong Acupuncture consists of the stimulation of specific areas of the…

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See how Acupuncture works and the benefits in it

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Pain is an unpleasant, negative sensory and emotional experience. It can be triggered by a variety of receptor and non-receptor stimuli. It is such a common phenomenon that everyone experiences it in a more or less intense way. The main relief comes from over-the-counter painkillers and more powerful prescription analgesics. There are also non-pharmacological treatments…

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Women receiving Acupuncture for her migraines

How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?

How Much Does Acupuncture CostHow much does cupping therapy cost?How to find a qualified acupuncture practitioner near you in Pico Blvd, Santa MonicaAcupuncture, acupuncture cost, acupuncture costs, acupuncture is, acupuncture is often, acupuncture prices, acupuncturist, acupuncturists, acupuncturists do, acupuncturists would, average, average cost, cost, cost is, costly, costs, do, does, far, how many, how much,…

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: FRIEND or FOE?

By 2020, approximately 100 million women will be entering menopause. As they age, women experience a decline in their sex hormones, most well known being estrogen. Unfortunately, this very normal transition often comes with unpleasant symptoms. Estrogen provides many benefits for our bones, brain, heart, joints, sleep and overall quality of life.  So, what happens…

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SPREAD THE WORLD!!   TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!   SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY!! In honor of Naturopathic Medicine Week, Dr. Nguyen will be offering 10-15min free consultation in Beverly Hills next week!! WHEN :Wednesday October 10, 2013 5-7pm WHERE : GREAT EARTH COMPOUNDING PHARMACY 8941 Santa Monica Blvd.  West Hollywood, CA 90069 WHO : Are you tired? But not…

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