At Integrative Wellness, we aim to integrate the principles and treatments of conventional medicine with Naturopathic and Functional Medicine. Disease typically stems from the disruption of multiple aspects of an individual’s life and in order to achieve health, you need to bring these imbalances back into harmony.

Our Elevated Health Program focuses on 3Rs: Reset, Restore and Renew. I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where patients can receive the tools they need to tackle their health goals. Personalized health plans, blending both nutrition and other non drug therapeutics with pharmaceuticals, are created to maximize the body’s own healing potential to tackle your symptoms.

Rest and Reset

The foundations of health are key—nutrient rich diet, adequate hydration, optimal sleep, efficient stress management and appropriate detoxification. Testing and treatments are targeted at protecting the brain and body from stressors, as well as to optimize mood and cognitive function.

Restore Function

Testing and treatments geared towards restoring balance to digestive and hormonal systems, thereby boosting immunity, metabolism, sexual health, bowel regularity.

Renew yourself

Boosters—diet and lifestyle tips, intramuscular shots, IV therapy, peptide therapy, acupuncture, regenerative injections—personalized to maintain your body in peak state, as well as an enhanced adaptability to thrive.


Establish Your Baseline

First Consultation (90min)
Time is dedicated to gathering a thorough historical timeline of your health, as well information regarding your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle habits.

To establish a baseline, labs will be recommended, and if appropriate, drawn the same day.

Add-on option: acupuncture, injection therapy, IV

Uncovering the Cause

Second Consult (60min) Four weeks later
Lab results will be used to better investigate the underlying causes of symptoms, helping to personalize a realistic plan that produces results towards the specific goals set up by/for patient

Add-on option: acupuncture, injection therapy, IV

Plan, revisited.

In the first 3-6months, visits are typically 4-6 weeks, and geared towards revisiting the plan to confirm continued improvement in the health goals of the patient.

Visits thereafter are focused on tools and resources for managing and maintaining progress so that you can feel live live the way YOU want!


It’s time to take back control of your health!