THRIVE! Programs

Better energy. Stabilized moods. Improved libido. Optimized metabolism. Balanced hormones.


The foundations of health are key.

Targeted at protecting the brain and body from stressors, as well as optimizing mood and cognitive function.

Duration: 12 week program.

Whats Included:

3 – 60 minute Naturopathic Medicine Consults 

6 – Acupuncture Visits

Comprehensive Basic Lab Testing 

2 – Customized Intravenous Support *(optional)

6 – Customized Booster Shots *(optional)


Take back your health!

Balance digestive and hormonal systems to boost immunity, metabolism, sexual health, bowel regularity.

Duration: 6 months, or longer.

Whats Included:

3 – 60 minute Naturopathic Medicine Consults 

12 – Acupuncture Visits

Comprehensive Basic Lab Testing

Specialized Hormone, Thyroid & Stool Lab Testing 

4 – Customized Intravenous Support *(optional)

12- Customized Booster Shots *(optional)


Best health, achieved.

On going personalized maintenance to keep your body in peak state, as well as an enhanced adaptability to thrive.

Duration: 6 months, with option to extend.

Whats Included:

2- 60 minute Naturopathic Medicine Consult

10 – Acupuncture Visits

12 -Custom Booster shots 

6 – Custom IV

2 – Lab Testing

A la carte: Peptide Therapy

All of our programs include

More time for you

We believe quality and effective care requires a deep understanding about you, your body and your lifestyle. Traditional doctors visit that are under 15 minutes long simply don’t allow time for that kind of discovery. All of our visits are 60 minutes long.


Advanced lab testing

Centered around results, we get to the root of your symptoms. Our diagnostic testing can get you the answers you are looking for.



Flexible scheduling

Get the care you need, right away. Schedule same day or next day appointments.

Unlimited Messaging

Answers, at your finger tips. Text your doctor and staff with questions about your treatment.

oNo copays

Predictable and affordable costs for medical care. No surprise fees or copays.


Reach your full potential and live life on YOUR terms.

Aging and stress take their toll throughout the years. Your brain feels dull. Your body aches… You just don’t feel like YOU anymore.      Naturopathic Medicine gives your physiology the boost it needs to restore optimal function. Our programs work best for individuals who are motivated to reach their health goals, are fully committed to the process, and want long lasting vitality. Change requires commitment. Invest in yourself! Ask us about our payment plans and get started on your health journey today!