Hi! My name is Ann Marie Nguyen, and I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist.
My mission is to work with you to maximize your potential for optimal wellness.
My medical practice focuses on the integration of modern scientific research with the time honored medical experiences and philosophies of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.
My goal is to work with your body to tackle whatever health concerns you may have, with/without conventional tools of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Because each patient is different, with distinct biochemical, physiological, psychological architecture, treatment plans are tailored to each individual.
All types of Medicine have a place in today’s healthcare system; some patients and diseases respond to one better than others, others possibly to a combination of multiple modalities. Natural Medicine help to stimulate and support your inherent healing abilities. I am here to offer natural options to healthcare.
I am excited to meet you!