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“I am so excited I found a doctor who is passionate, insightful, and uses a holistic approach to healing. Dr. Nguyen answers every question and puts in the extra time with her patients. I am working with her to stop my acne, knee pain, and to heal my gut. She’s incredibly knowledgeable in all of these areas and even performed acupuncture on my knee during our first visit.”


“I found Dr. Nguyen to be knowledgeable, professional, kind and persistant. She was doing a blood draw and my veins weren’t cooperating. She was gentle, yet persistant. I highly recommend her!”


“After wanting to go a more natural holistic route I decided to find a naturopathic doctor With so many naturopathic doctors in the LA area it was a tad confusing on who to go with, It took me a few weeks and finally decided to go with Dr. Nguyen and I couldn’t be happier! She was so friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable and she has a wonderful staff behind her including super helpful assistant. Dr.Nguyen is very thorough and made sure to go over every aspect for a proper diagnosis. One thing that I greatly appreciated was that she genuinely cared and wants to see her patients get back to a healthy life. I 100% recommend Dr. Nguyen for anyone looking for a naturpoathic doctor in Los Angeles! I couldn’t be happier and glad I found such a great doctor.”


“I first started seeing Dr. Nguyen when she practiced in Orange County part-time over 5 years ago.  She was able to solve a long list of issues I had that other doctors told me I wasn’t really experiencing.  When she started practicing in LA full-time I was not able to continue my treatment.  After going thru a long list of new doctors over the last 3 years I finally tracked Dr. Nguyen down and now am finally getting back on track. Again, she’s working on solving issues that other doctors told me I wasn’t really experiencing or symptoms that they just ignored. If you feel something is wrong she will find a solution.  She will not stop trying to help you feel your best. I haven’t found another doctor like that.  She’s amazing!”


“I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for 15 years, and just completed my fifth acupuncture session with Dr. Nguyen.  I have noticed improvements already, and can’t say enough about how happy I am with her.  Like other reviewers, I found her compassionate and caring, a great listener, and really dedicated toward helping me heal.  She has also helped me coordinate with other medical providers, and was great about making sure that my insurance was used as much as possible.  I would highly recommend her!”


“Dr. Nguyen is AMAZING! She is, without a doubt, one of THE BEST doctors I have ever met. Last week I scheduled my first appointment with her as I have been experiencing depression and exhaustion for quite some time. Dr. Nguyen was VERY friendly and thorough when reviewing my previous medical history. She also helped narrow down the possible causes of my depression and offered several solutions as to how to best treat my condition. I’m confident that we will be able to combat my illness with great success over the next few weeks. It’s evident that Dr. Nguyen truly cares about her patients and thinks outside the box when it comes to medical treatments. I highly recommend her!”


“Dr. Nguyen has been amazing for both my wife and myself. She is compassionate and won’t give up until you feel better. She has been working with my wife for 4 months now and she is doing much better. Dr. Nguyen is now working with me and I already highly recommend her. It might be a bit more costly, but when compared to what traditional medicine costs and the usual lack-luster results, the extra expenditure is worth it. Factoring in a better quality of life, and the decision is a no brainer.”


“A GREAT doctor.  She is very kind and compassionate.  Dr. Nguyen is very friendly and is someone I recommend!”


“The bottom line is Dr. NGUYEN is committed to the overall well being of her patients. She always makes time and leaves no stone un turned until root cause and plan of action is determined. Many doctors have big ego’s, but not Dr Nguyen. She is thoughtful and listens to your needs. I believe in her, and have made her primary care physician.”


“Before choosing a Naturopathic … I did plenty of research to find someone I resonated with. And meeting Ann Marie was a delight! I feel cared for in a genuine way. And she was able to meet me where I’m at. She was very considerate with me not having health insurance and she truly went out of her way to make sure that I was treated for what I came in for. She is by far the most caring Doctor I have ever met. Highly professional and with a great mind and heart!”


“A doctor who chases disease, not billable/reimbursement codes. FIVE STARS!
“Forget ACA, forget health insurance companies and providers who see you for a total of 5-15 minutes, while they are seeing three other patients. Dr. Nguyen SPENT AN HOUR AND A HALF with me. Educate yourself, care for your body through good diet, exercise and mental well-being Go to a provider who “gives shits.” Stop giving your money to medical providers and companies who sell you Sickcare disguised as Healthcare. Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen is healthcare, personified.”


“Dr Nguyen is incredible. I had been suffering with PPD and PPA for close to a year. None of my regular doctors were of any use. They told me that they don’t treat women for hormonal imbalance unless you are pregnant or menopausal. Instead they wanted to ply me with anti-depressants. (Thanks again modern medicine. Don’t treat the root cause, just treat the symptoms.)
For my first appointment, Dr Nguyen spent an hour and half going over everything. And I mean everything. Then, she devised a plan of supplements, vitamins, hormones and diet for me. Within a single month, the improvement was miraculous. I felt like myself for the first time since the baby was born. Dr Nguyen truly cares about making you better and instead of using one-size-fits-all medicine, tailors her treatment to you. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her. She changed my life.”


“After having issues from a sports injury and general back problems from working too much, I wanted to try alternative solutions to physics therapy and a masseuse. Dr Ann Marie was really helpful and informative about what to expect from acupuncture. Her professionalism and knowledge was exactly what a first timer would want when undergoing a new experience. I particularly liked her easy scheduling process and convenient west side locations. The treatments work really well. I wish I came sooner. “-S.S.

“Dr. Ann Marie has helped me to control my sugar intake since I was told I have pre diabetes. She helped me control my carbs. I am most impressed with her genuine concern for my well being in every area of my life. My mind and body. Her follow up is thorough and she stays in contact with me offering me all available information. I have great respect for her knowledge and that she continues to stay informed with all new approaches to taking care of her patients.” -SK

“Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen is highly trusted and recommended by my primary practitioner and pediatrician. At first I was hesitant to see a naturopathic doctor because as a child I had poor experiences with Eastern medicine. With these experiences I created negative stereotypes for naturopathic doctors and Eastern medicine. However, I am truly grateful to have met and have Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen as my doctor. I have nothing but praise for her. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in Eastern and Western approaches to naturopathic healing as well as “Western Medicine” and continues to stay up to date. She takes her time to understand the “whole you” – physically, mentally, and emotionally to help figure out what is the cause of your discomfort. Most importantly, Dr. Nguyen has patiently been there for me and helped me through many challenges with my health (fatigue, hormone imbalances, etc) and difficulty to conceive. Not only do I now feel stronger, balanced, and more understanding of what my body needs, my husband and I are also expecting a beautiful baby girl! I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone who hasn’t been able to find an answer to why they are just not feeling right and somehow no other doctor has given you a genuine answer.” -SH

“Dr. Nguyen is a caring and dedicated doctor. She helped me through a difficult cancer treatment and I appreciate everything she did to relieve the side affects of the drug I was taking. Any individual seeing her is very fortunate, the care, understanding and compassion are truely wonderful.” -MJ

“Dr. Nguyen is such a GEM – a rarity – especially in Southern California. This is NOT a typical doctor’s office where you wait for at least 45 mins & see the doc for only 5 minutes for them to just prescribe medications. Dr. Nguyen actually cares! She is not the type that wants to push unnecessary procedures to increase production. She is so thorough with her treatment and you can see that SHE puts her whole heart to see what the root of the problem is.  She did cupping on me, acupuncture and put me through detox and all helped so much – I cannot wait to come back to relieve some muscle pain via acupuncture & cupping.” -YR

“Dr. Nguyen is a kind, knowledgeable, compassionate and very skilled acupuncturist.   We were recommended by our PCP and are very thankful.Dr. Nguyen has helped my husband’s back pain (2 pinched nerves) and has helped me to find balance and reduce my stress.  She is careful to do a full medical history and she highly intuitive.Today was my husband’s 3rd visit for acupuncture and cupping.  He has made more progress in 3 visits than in two years with “conventional medicine.”  Today was my 2nd visit.  On the first visit, I had only acupuncture and today Dr. Nguyen decided to use the cupping technique on me to reduce the stress in my shoulders, neck and upper back (where I hold my stress!.)  It was a truly peculiar experience – and felt like constant deep tissue massage and left circular bruises!  However, it really helped to ease the tension.  It was worth it even though some places are tender to the superficial touch.  I feel more balanced, more rested already – after only 2 visits.Most importantly, my husband is able to rest without pain for the first time since either of us can remember.  He is working with Dr. Nguyen on a cleansing program – something he needs to keep his body in balance.  I’m going to explore this as well.  Dr. Nguyen guides you through the process and you can buy the supplies from her.  NO – she is not pushing the product on you – merely making suggestions and actually works out to be pretty reasonable – if you’ve ever purchased supplements from Whole Foods – you’ll see the prices are comparable.”-LT

“A couple of years ago I pulled a muscle in my back while playing hockey.
It was the worse pain I have ever experienced. As time went on the pain traveled down my leg. I had a very hard time going upstairs and I couldn’t get in and out of my car, and worst of all I couldn’t sit at work for very long periods at a time. I went to see Dr. Nguyen, and I won’t lie I was very skeptical, but desperate for some relief.  She was very warm and friendly. She explained the treatment very thoroughly, and gave me the option to come back later or start treatment immediately. I was ready, so I chose to start immediately. The treatment was like no other I have experienced and it was virtually pain free. I was very relaxed and almost fell asleep. After the 1st treatment I walked to my car and as I got into my car realized I was able to get in with very little effort and the pain had already started to get better.
Dr. Nguyen, as since completely healed my back and has treated me for other health issues I have. I am very grateful for her help and specially her kindness and beautiful personality. I would recommend her to anyone that would be open to natural medicine.
Thank you” -CS

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“Dr N continues to seek solutions and explains your customized holistic program in a clear way. Highly recommend “-HR

“Dr. Nguyen is that rare mix of astute knowledge and gentle compassion. She always looks for the combination of herb and treatments that will be in harmony with my body. The fact that she is a naturopathic doctor and an acupuncturist is a most powerful healing combination. I love her tinctures. I put them in my tea and they taste delicious!!! “-MC

“Dr Nguyen is great! She is very professional, personable and knowledgable! She’s accommodating with appointments and a very nice person. “-EW

“Dr. Nguyen was extremely thorough in our session and has a wonderful bedside manner. You can tell she really cares about her patients. Her acupuncture and cupping really helped my migraine. I’m so happy I found her! “-MW

“I had my first visit with Ann Marie not knowing what to expect. I’ve had plenty of doctors who’ve just been very passive with me. Ann Marie, however, was very different. She listened to everything i had to say, and more importantly had in-depth feedback for everything i had to say. She was very thorough in her analysis of my overall condition, her diagnoses of what might be going on with me, and what steps i should be taking. I look forward to future interactions and highly recommend her!”-GK

“Dr. Ann Marie takes time to understand the complete picture and listens intently to understand all influences on your health. She identifies your goals and offers a full scope treatment plan tailored to your needs. I have been looking for a doctor that offered both eastern and western treatments, and I have most definitely found a doctor I can have a long relationship with. “-MM

“I always have a great experience seeing Dr. Nguyen! I felt more listened to and understood than I ever have before while seeing a doctor. Going to the doctor no longer is a negative thing for me. She’s friendly, provides great service, and I highly recommend!”-KT

“I’ve been seeing Ann Marie Nguyen for about six months now and she is wonderful. She is always trying to find a solution to any of the issues I have”-EM

“Ann Marie focused on answering any questions that I had. She has provided me with a comprehensive plan to see what is best for me. She focuses on what my goals are and set out to care for those needs and identify the best approach available. “-SH

“Dr Nguyen truly cares about her patients and wants them to get well. She is thorough in her approach to obtaining your medical history. She is supportive of you if you decide to take a different direction for your treatment. Dr. Nguyen works very hard but always takes the time to sit and talk to you about how you are doing. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen if you are looking for a caregiver who is compassionate, kind and listens to her patients. “-JM

“Dr. Nguyen is a is an extremely talented and thorough physician. I went in looking to optimize my already healthy lifestyle. She ordered extensive labs and spent well over our appointment time reviewing them with me. She is open to all questions, and she gives great feedback throughout the process. If you are looking to enhance your wellness I strongly recommend Dr. Nguyen.”-DM

“I had an exceptionally pleasant visit with Ann Marie. She was incredibly patient in listening to my story and providing thoughtful and educated feedback. I truly feel like I’m in the best hands with her. She was very strategic in her approach to helping me set health goals while discussing and explaining every step with me. I really feel like she listened and took the time to set thoughtful and realistic expectations for my health progression. You’re missing out if you don’t book an appointment!”-NS

“Dr. Nguyen is awesome. She is thoughtful, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. She spent twice as long as we had scheduled making sure she had completed a thorough assessment and working with me on a treatment plan. She is a breath of fresh air to the medical and wellness field.”-MV

“Dr. Nguyen really took the time to listen to me and understand all aspects of the problem before recommending any course of action. Highly recommend her!”-SS

“Highly reccommend Dr. Nguyen for your health needs. She is competent, very pleasant to communicate with. The consult begins with a very comprehensive historical gathering of knowledge about you medical condition. Her knowledge will certainly help you achieve you health goals.” -CB

“Dr. Anne-Marie Nguyen was amazing. Great bedside manner, and focused on the solution and immediately got an action plan prepared based on the issues I told her about. She is very knowledgeable and an active listener. This is true care for a patient. Will continue to be treated by her and find some underlying conditions to my medical issues. “-NR

“I have suffered for 15 years from chronic lower back pain and have not been able to do anything about it. I’ve tried a chiropractor with no results. However, after 4 acupuncture treatments with Dr. Nguyen, I am noticing a huge improvement. Moreover, she is friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and caring — you really feel that she is committed to improving your health and making you better! I highly recommend her!”-DR

“My experience with Dr. Nguyen has been quite an eye opener on how to approach my health in a different and more wholesome way. I have so much more knowledge about how my body works and I truly feel a difference. I have more energy and clarity than before. I feel very luck to have found her.”-JP

“I’ve never had better service from a Dr. and an Assistant before. A lot of thoroughness and time was taken to understand me. I will definitely be back!” -LM

“I went to Dr. Ann because my previous ND kept dropping the ball on preparing my blood work, whereas she was so knowledgeable and devoted to preparing a thoroughly comprehensive order for me. I’m usually nervous about getting a physical exam, but she was so gentle and reassuring when she examined me that I have say that I actually enjoyed the experience. I’m definitely going back and I hope she’s still my doctor on my 100th birthday!”-BM

“Dr. Nguyen offers a rare insight into the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine. She has a unique background as she is well-versed in both disciplines and takes a truly holistic view. She cares very much about her patients and presents a reassuring and friendly bedside manner. She is extremely generous with her time. Highly recommended.”-DW

“Dr. Nguyen is great! She really took the time to listen to my issues. I really appreciate that in a doctor! I’m very happy with her and the services she offers!”-MD

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“Dr. Ann Marie cares about her patients and truly gets to the root cause of issues rather than just prescribing pills. When we were researching which doctor to go to she called me back and spoke with me a length. She truly listened and cared about my concerns even before an appointment was scheduled.  She seeks balance for her patients and gives them the necessary information to make LIFE LONG changes in their life and live a more fulfilling healthy life. She address all sides of a health crisis by recommending changes in diet that are so key to maintaining health. She is a very skilled acupuncturist as well! I have found her executive assistant a pleasure to work with and she has gotten back to me via email and phone very quickly addressing all of my questions and concerns. We are very thankful to work with Dr. Ann Marie and her executive assistant. They helped us alot and we would recommend them to others! Thank you!!!!”

“Dr. Nguyen is an amazing Natural Medicine Doctor. If you have not gone to see her, I recommend it. She is so intelligent and knows a great deal about the human body.”-AG

“Dr. Nguyen is the best doctor that I have ever seen. Do you ever get that feeling when you go to the doctor that you can’t quite describe what it is that’s wrong with you. Then the doctor makes you feel like you are lying and tells you that nothing is wrong. The experience feels like you’re being interrogated by a police officer. That is pretty much the experience I have had with every doctor I have gone to. Most doctors are good at the easy stuff. If you have an infection, they’ll prescribe antibiotics. But what about the hard stuff. What about the times when you don’t really have a clue what is going wrong. What about when you wake up one morning and you notice that you just don’t feel well. You’re more tired than usual and your mind doesn’t feel as sharp as it used to. These are the types of descriptions that most doctors hate, because they require work.
Dr. Nguyen is the SHERLOCK HOLMES of finding out what is going on with the human body. Sometimes it’s hard to describe what you are feeling, but Dr. Nguyen makes it easy. I was always reluctant to go the doctor because it always felt like I was standing in front of a judge trying to prove my case that I did in fact have some ailment. The experience with Dr. Nguyen is more like being interviewed by a detective. She doesn’t rely on just the information you give her, she digs deep and makes you reveal information that you had no idea would be relevant. You are never going to go home after a visit with Dr. Nguyen and say, “I forgot to tell her that I was feeling this way!” Dr. Nguyen knows what questions to ask and she knows how to get the information out of you that she needs in order to properly treat you.
SHE IS DETERMINED! After one of my visits with her, I heard her mutter under her breath, “I HAVE to figure this out!” From my visits with her you can tell that she does not sit well with a mystery. She is a perfectionist, and she will not stop until she solves it. She uses her education well. If there is something that she doesn’t know, she knows how to find it.
I am really grateful to Dr. Nguyen and so is my family. Above all, she is a really nice person. She is driven by the desire to help people and that is something that is really hard to find in a doctor. Her compassion allows her insight. If you are looking for a doctor, you have found her here!” -RR

“Dr. Nguyen is knowledgeable, compassionate, and an excellent health coach. She truly practices what she tries to instill in us about good health. She has helped my entire family with general health, nutrition, pain management through acupunture, cupping, and .. medicine.  I highly recommend her!” -CC

“Dr. Nguyen is amazing.  I had been through a health crisis, and my primary care physician suggested that I make an appointment with her.  She helped me heal from a digestive issue that I had been dealing with for over 20 years.  She did acupuncture, gave me great information on how to handle the issue, and suggested  natural supplements.  She works on the whole person, including your beliefs, psychology, and environment, not just the illness or condition.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, and professional. She listens to you, and genuinely cares about your well-being.  You will be blessed and very fortunate to have her as a doctor.”-HT

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