Dr. Nguyen utilizes and offers a full range of natural treatment modalities and laboratory testing to best investigate the root cause of dis-ease.

Lifestyle counseling: dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help optimize wellness and prevent disease

Nutrient Therapy: properly dosed vitamin and mineral supplementation geared at disease prevention and/or nutrient deficiency

Homeopathy: extreme dilutions of plant, mineral, or animal substances aimed at stimulating body’s self healing mechanism. Dr. Nguyen does utilize homeopathy, but doesn’t practice constitutional homeopathy

Botanical Medicine: use of whole plants and/or its active constituent(s) to treat disease

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: plant derived, bioidentical hormone (i.e. hormone replacement) and/or animal derived hormone (i.e. thyroid, etc) options to treat hormonal imbalances

Intramuscular and intravenous therapy: homeopathic and vitamin injection therapy

Acupuncture: use of sterile, stainless steel needles to treat different body systems and imbalances

Auricular acupuncture: use of sterile, stainless steel needles to needle a microsystem, the ear, to treat conditions anywhere in the body

Electroacupuncture: acupuncture with electrostimulation

Cupping: warmed “cups” that either stay stationary or slide across channels

Chinese herbs: powdered or encapsulated herbs aimed at restoring balance