“Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen is highly trusted and recommended by my primary practitioner and pediatrician. At first I was hesitant to see a naturopathic doctor because as a child I had poor experiences with Eastern medicine. With these experiences I created negative stereotypes for naturopathic doctors and Eastern medicine. However, I am truly grateful to have met and have Dr. Ann Marie Nguyen as my doctor. I have nothing but praise for her. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in Eastern and Western approaches to naturopathic healing as well as “Western Medicine” and continues to stay up to date. She takes her time to understand the “whole you” – physically, mentally, and emotionally to help figure out what is the cause of your discomfort. Most importantly, Dr. Nguyen has patiently been there for me and helped me through many challenges with my health (fatigue, hormone imbalances, etc) and difficulty to conceive. Not only do I now feel stronger, balanced, and more understanding of what my body needs, my husband and I are also expecting a beautiful baby girl! I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone who hasn’t been able to find an answer to why they are just not feeling right and somehow no other doctor has given you a genuine answer.”