Dr. Nguyen is the best doctor that I have ever seen. Do you ever get that feeling when you go to the doctor that you can’t quite describe what’s wrong with you? Then the doctor makes you feel like you are lying and tells you that nothing is wrong. The experience feels like you’re being interrogated by a police officer. That is pretty much the experience I have had with every doctor I have gone to. Most doctors are good at the easy stuff. If you have an infection, they’ll prescribe antibiotics. But what about the hard stuff. What about the times when you don’t really have a clue what is going wrong. What about when you wake up one morning and you notice that you just

don’t feel well. You’re more tired than usual and your mind doesn’t feel as sharp as it used to. These are the types of descriptions that most doctors hate, because they require work.

Dr. Nguyen is the SHERLOCK HOLMES of finding out what is going on with the human body. Sometimes it’s hard to describe what you are feeling, but Dr. Nguyen makes it easy. I was always reluctant to go to the doctor because it always felt like I was standing in front of a judge trying to prove my case that I did in fact have some ailment. The experience with Dr. Nguyen is more like being interviewed by a detective. She doesn’t rely on just the information you give her, she digs deep and makes you reveal information that you had no idea would be relevant. You are never going to go home after a visit with Dr. Nguyen and say, “I forgot to tell her that I was feeling this way!” Dr. Nguyen knows what questions to ask and she knows how to get the information out of you that she needs in order to properly treat you.

SHE IS DETERMINED! After one of my visits with her, I heard her mutter under her breath, “I HAVE to figure this out!” From my visits with her you can tell that she does not sit well with a mystery. She is a perfectionist, and she will not stop until she solves it. She uses her education well. If there is something that she doesn’t know, she knows how to find it.

I am really grateful to Dr. Nguyen and so is my family. Above all, she is a really nice person. She is driven by the desire to help people and that is something that is really hard to find in a doctor. Her compassion allows her insight. If you are looking for a doctor, you have found her here!