“Dr. Nguyen is a kind, knowledgeable, compassionate and very skilled acupuncturist. We were recommended by our PCP and are very thankful.Dr. Nguyen has helped my husband’s back pain (2 pinched nerves) and has helped me to find balance and reduce my stress. She is careful to do a full medical history and she highly intuitive.Today was my husband’s 3rd visit for acupuncture and cupping. He has made more progress in 3 visits than in two years with “conventional medicine.” Today was my 2nd visit. On the first visit, I had only acupuncture and today Dr. Nguyen decided to use the cupping technique on me to reduce the stress in my shoulders, neck and upper back (where I hold my stress!.) It was a truly peculiar experience – and felt like constant deep tissue massage and left circular bruises! However, it really helped to ease the tension. It was worth it even though some places are tender to the superficial touch. I feel more balanced, more rested already – after only 2 visits.Most importantly, my husband is able to rest without pain for the first time since either of us can remember. He is working with Dr. Nguyen on a cleansing program – something he needs to keep his body in balance. I’m going to explore this as well. Dr. Nguyen guides you through the process and you can buy the supplies from her. NO – she is not pushing the product on you – merely making suggestions and actually works out to be pretty reasonable – if you’ve ever purchased supplements from Whole Foods – you’ll see the prices are comparable.”