“A couple of years ago I pulled a muscle in my back while playing hockey.
It was the worse pain I have ever experienced. As time went on the pain traveled down my leg. I had a very hard time going upstairs and I couldn’t get in and out of my car, and worst of all I couldn’t sit at work for very long periods at a time. I went to see Dr. Nguyen, and I won’t lie I was very skeptical, but desperate for some relief. She was very warm and friendly. She explained the treatment very thoroughly, and gave me the option to come back later or start treatment immediately. I was ready, so I chose to start immediately. The treatment was like no other I have experienced and it was virtually pain free. I was very relaxed and almost fell asleep. After the 1st treatment I walked to my car and as I got into my car realized I was able to get in with very little effort and the pain had already started to get better.
Dr. Nguyen, as since completely healed my back and has treated me for other health issues I have. I am very grateful for her help and specially her kindness and beautiful personality. I would recommend her to anyone that would be open to natural medicine.
Thank you”