“Dr. Ann Marie cares about her patients and truly gets to the root cause of issues rather than just prescribing pills. When we were researching which doctor to go to she called me back and spoke with me a length. She truly listened and cared about my concerns even before an appointment was scheduled. She seeks balance for her patients and gives them the necessary information to make LIFE LONG changes in their life and live a more fulfilling healthy life. She address all sides of a health crisis by recommending changes in diet that are so key to maintaining health. She is a very skilled acupuncturist as well! I have found her executive assistant a pleasure to work with and she has gotten back to me via email and phone very quickly addressing all of my questions and concerns. We are very thankful to work with Dr. Ann Marie and her executive assistant. They helped us alot and we would recommend them to others! Thank you!!!!”

“Dr. Nguyen is an amazing Natural Medicine Doctor. If you have not gone to see her, I recommend it. She is so intelligent and knows a great deal about the human body.”