Our Approach

At Integrative Wellness, we aim to integrate the principles and treatments of conventional medicine with Naturopathic and Functional Medicine. Disease typically stems from the disruption of multiple aspects of an individual’s life and in order to achieve health, you need to bring these imbalances back into harmony.

Our Elevated Health Program focuses on 3Rs: Reset, Restore and Renew. I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where patients can receive the tools they need to tackle their health goals.

Rest and Reset

The foundations of health are key—nutrient rich diet, adequate hydration, optimal sleep, efficient stress management and appropriate detoxification. Testing and treatments are targeted at protecting the brain and body from stressors, as well as to optimize mood and cognitive function.


Restore Function

Testing and treatments geared towards restoring balance to digestive and hormonal systems, thereby boosting immunity, metabolism, sexual health, bowel regularity.

Renew yourself

Boosters—diet and lifestyle tips, intramuscular shots, IV therapy, peptide therapy, acupuncture, regenerative injections—personalized to maintain your body in peak state, as well as an enhanced adaptability to thrive.

At Integrative Wellness, we focus on unravelling the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms, instead of putting a temporary band-aid on your problems. Below are common conditions/symptoms patients come to see Dr. Nguyen. Do you see your problem?

Personalized health plans, blending both nutrition and other non drug therapeutics with pharmaceuticals, are created to maximize the body’s own healing potential to tackle your symptoms.

Chronic Inflammation

Are you experiencing fatigue, pain, cognitive decline, brain fog, or joint pain?

Inflammation is the underlying contributor of many diseases from cardiovascular disease to metabolic disorders to autoimmune disease, among other things.

Inflammation isn’t necessarily bad, as it is your body’s way of signaling the immune system to heal damaged tissues, as well as fend off foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses and bacteria. The problem arises with chronic and unregulated inflammation, where inflammatory chemicals can lead to such things as insulin resistance (worsening diabetic tendencies) There are multiple labs markers that inflammatory markers There are therapies that help

Toxic Overload

Living in the city, we are exposed to toxins daily. As long as our detox pathways are working properly, we are appropriately removing these toxins. What happens when your body accumulates the toxins, because you’re not removing it quick enough?

Toxins —mercury (from amalgams, etc.), lead (from lead pain, etc), arsenic (from rice, etc), cadmium (from smoking, etc), and mold, to name a few— can interfere with your normal physiological and biochemical processes, as well as disrupt the balance of essential nutrients.

A wide range of non specific symptoms can show up from increased toxic burden, including brain fog, muscle pain, joint pain, anxiety, depression, chronic yeast infections, insomnia.

We measure a multitude of toxins via urine and blood, shining light on what we need to focus on ridding your body of.

Digestive Issues

Do you suffer from constipation? Loose stools? Gas and bloating? Diagnosed IBS? Or perhaps SIBO? Maybe it’s a mixture of varying digestive symptoms? Did you know that your digestive system is the seat of many immune cells, as well neurotransmitter receptors? Perhaps your gut is the issue with your mood imbalance, or why you keep getting sick?

Working on your gut is a multilayered process that includes investigation of your diet/dietary triggers, as well as  investigating for overgrowth of problematic microbes.

Do you need digestive support, or do you need antimicrobials to help kill off overgrowth? Does your gut need a reset? Let’s get to the bottom of the problem and target treatment!

Sex, Stress, and Metabolism

Do your hormones look fine, but you definitely have symptoms connected to your menses? Are you dealing with irregular menses? Low libido? Trouble losing weight? Acne that’s chronic? Unrelenting PMS? Trouble sleeping? Hot flashes?

Or perhaps you suffer from Hashimoto’s and can’t seem to get it under control?

Or maybe you’re struggling to manage your stress?

All of this and many more can stem from hormonal imbalances that can be tested and treated.

Cardiovascular Health

Do you have hypertension? High cholesterol? Prediabetes, or are you already insulin dependent?

Do you struggle with weight management, whether it be weight gain or difficulty losing weight?

Many of these issues can be adequately managed once you take control of your diet and lifestyle habits. You know this, but we may offer guidance to get you there!

Additionally nutrients and supplements may either solely tackle these issues, if not, be added as adjunctive support to your current drug regimen.

Are you labs adequately assessing your risk for heart disease? Consider a more comprehensive test panel to look at overall cardiovascular function and inflammation?

Peak Performance with Aging



Establish Your Baseline

First Consultation (90min)
Time is dedicated to gathering a thorough historical timeline of your health, as well information regarding your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle habits.

To establish a baseline, labs will be recommended, and if appropriate, drawn the same day.

Add-on option: acupuncture, injection therapy, IV

Uncovering the Cause

Second Consult (60min) Four weeks later
Lab results will be used to better investigate the underlying causes of symptoms, helping to personalize a realistic plan that produces results towards the specific goals set up by/for patient

Add-on option: acupuncture, injection therapy, IV

Plan, revisited.

In the first 3-6months, visits are typically 4-6 weeks, and geared towards revisiting the plan to confirm continued improvement in the health goals of the patient.

Visits thereafter are focused on tools and resources for managing and maintaining progress so that you can feel live live the way YOU want!


It’s time to take back control of your health!